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LED Lights

Mundra Energy Pvt Ltd is promoting LED lights manufactured by our sister concern Rensyn Green Energy Pvt Ltd. As a company aiming to be LED leader, RenSyn ensures the smallest details within our products. Drivers, PCB assemblies, Cool Polymers and LED modules are customized to the needs of the design and the lighting application. RenSyn LED products cater to all LED application areas, viz. architectural lighting, commercial lighting, institutional lighting, hospitality lighting, retail lighting and residential lighting. Some common RenSyn LED products are bulbs, tubelights, panel lights, down lighters, floodlights, cove lights, bay lights and street lights.
RenSyn LED systems are 100% recyclable without any toxic waste; require minimal maintenance and come with long life; use 85% less energy and provides a return of investment up to 10-15 times the initial cost.